Springtime Gala

Sunday, May 21, 2017
The Lake George Club
4000 Lakeshore Drive
Diamond Point, NY

This year’s Springtime Gala honored the philanthropic and community work of Dr. James Morrissey and his dedication over many decades to making our region a wonderful place for citizens of all ages to learn, work and enjoy life.

We are deeply grateful for the support of our Honorary Committee & Corporate Sponsors in helping us to present the 11th Annual Springtime Gala In Honor of Dr. James Morrissey. The Annual Springtime Gala benefits the Glens Falls Symphony Performance and Educational Programs. For more information, call 518-793-1348.


Gregory & Dr. Susan Boggia
Dr. Eric K. Cottrell
Ronald Davies & Annette McMurray
Chris & Eva Detmer
Al & Mary Jane Gilet
Tom & Sally Hoy
Hudson Headwaters Health Network
Ed Moore-French Mountain Commons
Michael & Joann Rapaport
Alan & Dorie Redeker
John & Pat Schutze &
Jonathan & Amy Schutze
Dianne Shugrue
Jim & Cindy Amell
Lionel & Deborah Barthold
Leigh Beeman
Walter & Joyce Brennan
Judy & Bruce Carr
George & Martha Coughlan
Nabil & Kelly Eldib
Thomas & Susan Ford
Sam & Linda Friedman
Randy & Barbara Glenn
Mark Frost & Sandra Hutchinson
David & Patricia Kruczlnicki
Paul & Diane Leah
Senator Betty Little
Dr. Raymond & Joanne Maddocks
Jim & Dianne Mathis
Michael & Jane Morrissey
Skip & Evie Muller
Richard & Ann Parker
William & Barbara Parks
Edgar & Felicitas Purcell
Kristine & Philip Reynolds
Robert & Barbara Rosoff
Patrick Rowley & Caroline Hudson
Robert & Sara Sellig
Dalen & Kay Showalter
Karl & Anne Smoczynski
Jane Wait
Lynda P. Albright
Ellen-Deane Cummins
Norman Enhorning
Ted & Elaine Huntington
K. Bryan Kirk
Philip & Rita McIntire
Phyllis Meader
Maria Nowotny
Beatriz Roman
Elizabeth Sobol
John Strough
Terri Templeton